Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Pizza House in Clyde, TX

18 inch with everything

9 inch with pepperoni and mushroom
The family decided to take a little jaunt east on I-20 to eat at The Pizza House in Clyde.  I had heard some good buzz about the place. Since it is Spring Break, we have some time for a short road trip to satisfy a craving for pizza.

The place is large. We hit it at 4:30pm and there were already a few cars parked in front. Lots of seating. The ambiance is nothing fancy...really. Cobbled together decor, concrete floor, seating that looks like it came from a school cafeteria and a couple of ripped vinyl booths. Orders are taken at the window. Parmesan and peppers are in leftover seasoning containers and honey-bear bottles with holes in top. Making use of what they have on hand seems to be the motto. There was also a stage. The ads on the windows said they have live country western music on certain Saturday nights.

After checking out the menu, we ordered a large pizza with everything, a small with pepperoni and mushroom, cheese bread sticks, and three medium sodas. The salad bar didn't tempt us. We were there for the pizza. The bill amounted to $34.00.  No complaints about amount of food for the money...couldn't finish it all and the boys were starving when we hit the door.

I was most impressed by the crust on the pizza. Crispy, flavorful and not too thick. Toppings were generous. Sauce was put on with a light hand but wasn't heavily spiced. Plenty of cheese. There was a bit of garlic salt put on top before they brought it out. My main complaint with the food is that they used canned mushrooms instead of fresh ones but the onions and peppers were freshly chopped. Other than the mushrooms, it is tasty pizza. If you can get past the shabby surroundings give it a try. Next time I might get it to go on my way home from a trip to Dallas/Fort Worth.

The Pizza House
725 South Access Road  Clyde, TX 79510 
(325) 893-4141

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