Monday, June 11, 2018

The Shed Market--Outstanding BBQ in Abilene

For those of you who remember, there used to be a restaurant outside of Wingate, Texas, called The Shed. People drove from miles around for steaks and BBQ from them. They shut down a few years ago but were still missed by many.
Menu--not sure if they had run out of chicken or ham that day

The next generation has brought The Shed back and moved it to Abilene! This incarnation is primarily a lunch spot and meat market. They are open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am until 6pm or until they run out. They are located on Buffalo Gap Road just south of Antilley Road in a shopping center.

We arrived at 11:55am and there was already a line almost to the door which grew to out the door as we waited to place our order at the counter. Service was friendly and efficient. They make your plate right in front of you.

I had the best chopped brisket sandwich that I can remember for lunch from them the other day and a great value at $8! The serving was quite generous. The meat was not too fat and not too lean, smoked to perfection with a hint of saltiness. No sauce is put on the sandwich and it didn't need it.
Brisket sandwich and mac & cheese side

Chopped brisket sandwich
My husband got the moist sliced brisket plate (versus the lean brisket) for $9.99 which comes with two sides. We both got the green chili macaroni and cheese as a side and he also got pinto beans with his plate. My mac and cheese was an up-charge since the sandwich comes with chips. The sides were tasty but the real star was the brisket. The only slight quibble I had was that the bun for the sandwich could have been a little softer but it had been grilled. I didn't really eat much of the bread anyway.

Sliced moist brisket with sides. Sauce added at the table.
The had pickles, peppers (fresh and pickled) and onions, with the sauce and sliced bread on the tables. Seating was family style and included indoor and outdoor options. We were sitting by a friendly couple from Hamlin that had ordered ribs and we swapped some samples of our lunches. The ribs got an A+ as well from my husband and our neighbors. I liked the sauce which was sweet and tangy. It complimented the meat quite well.

The Shed is going to be our go-to place for BBQ in Abilene. Wish it wasn't clear across town since that makes it hard to get over there during the week for lunch. :-)

Go there as fast as you can!

The Shed Market
6382 Buffalo Gap Rd Ste D
Abilene, Texas
325) 692-7433

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm (or until out of meat)

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