Thursday, July 4, 2013

El Pulgarcito de America Restaurant

El Pulgarcito (Tom Thumb) de America is a new Salvadorian/Mexican place in Abilene. It is a family-owned place in a shopping center complex on S.7th across from Safety City. Our whole family went there for lunch today. Some of us ordered Mexican; tamales, burritos and nachos...others got some Salvadorian specialties.

The Mexican food was good but didn't stand out. The Salvadorian dishes shined though. We had pupusas which are stuffed corn tortillas served with a pickled cabbage slaw, a chicken sandwich with a warm adobo style sauce on the side, and a Salvadorian plate that had a pork pupusa, a tamale wrapped in a banana leaf, refried beans, and fried plantains with a sweetened creamy sauce.
Pupusa--one with cheese and edible flowers and one with cheese and jalapeno

Salvadorian chicken sandwich

Salvadorian plate-pork pupusa, tamale in a banana leaf, fried plantains, and refried beans

The pupusa are fluffier than the usual corn tortillas, more like pancakes. The cheese is very good. Next time we go I will try the other flavors. The Salvadorian tamale also has a slightly different flavor. The fried plantains were a very big hit! Go there and have something a little different.  Prices are very reasonable and hours are long, everything from breakfast to the evening meal.

El Pulgarcito de America Restaurant
2502 S. 7th St.
Abilene, TX 79605