Saturday, July 21, 2012

CLOSED AGAIN Don Enrique's is back

The large Tex-Mex restaurant has reopened after a fire a couple of years ago. I've missed it. Enrique's was my favorite local Mexican food place until it changed names and became Amanda's. The same family that owns Henry's Diner in San Angelo ran Enrique's and is now running Don Enrique's. If you like Henry's, you will like Don Enrique's. The restaurant is located where Sayles Blvd. dead ends on Danville (access road to the freeway).  

We were seated quickly despite a full parking lot of vehicles. Service was good though our server seemed a bit distracted. He got back on track though.

Today at lunch I ordered the tres colores enchiladas, my son got the a crispy beef taco plate and my husband ordered beef fajitas. Fresh tortilla chips and salsa was brought to the table. The salsa gets hotter the more that you eat. Just the way I like it. For an up charge they will also bring out some white sauce.  It is a garlicy sour cream dip.  Kind of like Mexican aioli. Very tasty.
Tres colores enchiladas

My enchiladas were delicious; one cheese with green sauce, one beef with ranchero sauce and a white meat chicken enchilada with sour cream sauce. Served with cheese-covered refried beans, rice and a small lettuce and tomato salad on the plate. The beans were too salty today but everything else was enjoyable. Definitely plenty of food for me.
Taco plate

The taco plate only had two tacos.  I would have expected three. My son really liked the beans (he likes salty). I'm hoping it was just an off day. The beans used to be one of the reasons I liked to eat there.

Beef fajitas
The fajitas were brought out on the plate instead of on a hot skillet...demerit one.  The meat to vegetable proportion was off, 50/50 instead of more meat then vegetables...demerit two.  The tortillas weren't soft...demerit three. I did notice on the menu that the fajitas came with salad, rice, beans and a scoop of guacamole. No sour cream, no cheese. My husband was disappointed with the "fixins" and thought the pickle spear with his french dressing covered salad was a bit odd. He did like the flavor and quality of the meat but only had enough to make two fajitas. The guacamole was fresh and creamy.

 The food came out super fast. Most of it must be ready to go in the kitchen and only needs the final preparation. I'm sure we will make it one of our regular places, just not for fajitas. They are also known for their drink specials on weeknights. A good way to bring in business during the week is my guess.

There are many other options on the menu, so you don't have to eat Tex-Mex. They used to make a really good burger. Closed on Mondays.

Don Enrique's Restaurant & Cantina
4358 Sayles Boulevard  Abilene, TX 79605

(325) 232-8775
CLOSED DOWN--April 2014


  1. Real MEXICAN tacos are served on corn or wheat tortillas... if corn, then usually a double layer. Meat choices are varied forms of beef, chicken, pork, and seafood. Toppings usually consist of onions, cilantro, and chopped tomatoes, and for some flavors lime is provided, along with green and red salsa. Optional toppings can include chopped peppers, guacamole, and cheese. If cheese is included, it is usually crumbled Oaxaca or similar.

    The idea of a hard shell taco is a California invention, specifically Glen Bell of Taco Bell fame. When I order a taco plate at a "Mexican" restaurant and receive paprika seasoned ground beef, iceberg lettuce, and cheddar cheese on a "U" shaped hard tortilla shell, I know I am not having authentic Mexican food. That is FINE as long as it is not mus-represented as being authentic...

    I guess in this case, calling it "Tex-Mex" gets them off the "authentic" hook with tacos, but we have expectations for that cuisine as well, and your description of the fajitas, a Tex-Mex staple, falls WAY short.

  2. Edit: Your description of the fajitas didn't fall short, but you described some fajitas that did!

  3. I agree that they are not authentic Mexican but then I have still never found any outstanding Mexican or Tex-Mex in Abilene. Lots of average to pretty good but nothing truly exceptional...yet.