Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hashi Teppan Grill--Fast and Flavorful Japanese

I think I have found my "go to" place for quick Japanese food.  Hashi is tasty and reasonably priced...just wish it was closer to my house! Me, my husband and son went by for dinner while out Christmas shopping. I had the hibachi shrimp with fried rice and grilled vegetables, my husband had the steak with double fried rice and my son had the salmon (he raved about it) with fried rice and veggies.  They also have chicken and Hashi steak which I believe has sauce on it. 

Steak with double fried rice
We also ordered a California roll for an appetizer. The roll was pre-made. They do not make the sushi in front of you, my only complaint. They do have a variety of sauces. The ginger sauce seemed to be homemade and was quite good. The fried rice reminded me of the now closed Fuji which made the BEST fried rice in town.
Meals range from $6.50 (hibachi vegetables) to $9.50 (Hashi steak). On the menu it states they you have a choice of a starch OR a vegetable but when we went they gave us two sides but then again they had just opened the week before and probably wanted to build up good word of mouth.

Salmon with fried rice and vegetables
The set up is that you go through the line and order. Pay the cashier and they will bring out your food packaged in take-out containers. Seating is limited, so you may not find a table during peak hours.

Service was very friendly and efficient. There is a cook at the hibachi making the meats after you order. The rice, veggies, noodles and appetizers are already made and you can see them dishing them up behind the glass barrier. There are also Asian salads and soups.

The decor is minimalist and the restaurant is very clean. I'm sure we will go back since it is less expensive and quicker than the sit-down hibachi places. However, the sushi won't be a draw since it is similar to what I can get at the grocery store.

3388 Rebecca Lane
Abilene, Texas 79606
T: (325) 704-5388


  1. Hello Eliza! Thank you so much for making time and writing us a review and coming to visit us! Glad you enjoyed everything so far! We are still working on stabilizing the quality of our sushi! I promise though that we make all our sushi fresh in the morning and with the freshest ingredients possible! Hopefully in time you can give us a second chance. We are having our Grand opening on January 9th which is tomorrow! It would be awesome if you and your family came! Again thank you!

  2. We will try and come by this weekend!