Saturday, March 3, 2012

Need to know where to eat in Abilene? I can help.

Welcome! I hope you find my restaurant reviews helpful.

A bit about me. I have lived in Abilene for decades but I never really got into "cuisine" until I started traveling and found out there is more to be consumed than burgers and fries. Now I can say I'm almost a "foodie" or at least that is my aspiration.

If you are visiting Abilene, hopefully this blog will help you decide on places to try.  Below are links to reviews I have written on TripAdvisor and Yelp.  Most of them are for places in and around Abilene, Texas.

Some quick recommendations from the top of my head:

Business Lunch--The Beehive

Date night--Copper Creek

A Texan Experience-- Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap

Asian--Ann's Thai Kitchen at 3309 South 1st Street
(325) 673-9972

Big burgers--Heff's Burgers

Best of the Best within 100 miles--Rancho Loma outside Coleman

I'd like to be able to recommend a great Mexican or Tex Mex place for you but there isn't really anything outstanding, lots of good and okay but nothing that knocks your taste-buds for a loop at least that I have found...yet.  Tex-Mex is my favorite and I never give up hope. At the moment what we have in town fits into three categories; fast food, locally-owned places (which are all about the same as far as I have tasted) and the chains of which Abuelo's is the hands-down favorite of Abilenians. It has ridiculously long waits on weekend nights.

Note: Chains tend to do well in Abilene. If we ever get an Applebee's or a TGI Fridays, don't expect to get in the door for at least 3 months. We have two Chili's in town that are always packed.

Enjoy and happy eating, y'all! 

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