Friday, August 9, 2013

Fishbone Grill and Oyster Bar--Arlington, TX

Full disclosure, I know someone who is part-owner. He asked for honest feedback about the place so here we go...

Location, location, location!  The Fishbone Grill and Oyster Bar is right across the street from AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play football.  The restaurant/sports bar has been recently remodeled. Parking and the main entrance are in the back.
View out the front window of the Fishbone.  Wow!

I went to eat at the Fishbone Grill with a group of friends. There were 14 of us. Since the place is named Fishbone, I stuck to seafood, fried shrimp tacos to be exact. The shrimp had a Cajun spiced breading which was tasty and the tacos had coleslaw on them as well. It was served with seasoned fries. They put a black pepper blend on the fries that I enjoyed but probably isn't for everyone. Most people in the group ordered some type of seafood but there were some non-fish eaters who got grilled chicken, hamburgers and chicken tenders. Both people who ordered chicken said it had a slight "fishy" flavor. The burger was recommended by the eater.
Shrimp tacos

A popular item is the Mexican shrimp cocktail served in a sauce that was a spicy cocktail sauce/salsa blend topped with a generous portion of fresh sliced avocado with crackers on the side. The shrimp were the small salad-type shrimp. It was quite good but I would have liked to have had bigger shrimp.

The friend next to me ordered grilled Mahi Mahi on a rice pilaf. She loved the grilled vegetables, hush puppies and the flavor of the fish but unfortunately it was overcooked. The strawberry margarita on the rocks she drank was pretty and potent.
Grilled Mahi Mahi plate

Two people ordered grilled crab cakes and they looked very good. I didn't see a bit left on their plates. The presentation could have been a bit better, some lettuce leaves or rice would have dressed them up.  I didn't get a picture of the raw oysters that were ordered. I don't care for oysters but those that like them were pleased.

Crab cakes with Hollandaise sauce

The menu was quite large, kind of a Cajun/Mexican theme. Prices were reasonable for the D/FW area. Service was good. If you find yourself around N. Collins in Arlington, Texas, perhaps at a game or at Six Flags, and you are craving some fried seafood or shrimp queso with a great view of Cowboy stadium try the Fishbone Grill.  Full-bar and patio seating facing the street.


The Fishbone Grill & Oyster Bar
816 N. Collins St.
Arlington, Texas 76011
(817) 261-5798

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