Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fuzzy's Taco Shop--Abilene location

For New Year's Eve my husband and I went to a movie at the local mall and then decided to eat at Fuzzy's Taco Shop when we got out of the theater at 8:30pm. Fuzzy's is located adjacent to the mall in small shopping center (used to be a pool hall/bar called Rack Daddy's). As with any new restaurant chain in Abilene it took a while for the crowds to thin out but even so after 3 months of being in business it was surprisingly deserted for a place with a full bar and relatively inexpensive food on NYE.

Fuzzy's is not a sit down and order restaurant. You go through the line and order your food, they give you a number and you pick it up. What differentiates them from fast food is the full bar and the slightly higher prices. This type of establishment should be pretty popular in Abilene with a large Air Force base and lots of college students, especially since they don't close their doors until late (M-F until midnight, 1am on Saturday and 11pm on Sunday) and open at 7am. Plus, they are in a heavy traffic area. The crowd that was in there on New Year's was decided older. Kind of unexpected. There were a few 20somethings and two large groups of 60-70somethings. We were the only people that were in the middle age bracket.

Fuzzy's advertises Baja style Mexican food. The main difference is the addition of cilantro, feta cheese and a garlic sauce on their tacos along with the usual iceberg lettuce, tomato and cheddar topping.  All nice additions to most taco flavors. I ordered a plate so I had my choice of many different meats and three types of tortillas; crispy, corn or flour.  I went with a shrimp tempura (not really tempura batter but fried shrimp) and a spicy shredded pork, both flour. One of them was missing the feta. The plate came with two sides, also of my choice...refried beans and cilantro lime rice. My companion got three tacos; chorizo, egg, and cheese, ground beef and  I believe the third was shredded beef. We also got seasoned chips and salsa as an appetizer. I am not a wimp when it comes to spice/heat in my food but be warned, the salsa has a real kick and lots of flavor. So much so that after eating it, my taste buds were dulled when I ate my tacos. Of all the tacos, we agreed that the shredded pork and the breakfast taco were the best.  Breakfast tacos are served all the time. Salsa and pickled jalapenos are not free, no salsa bar. Skip the side dishes, not impressive and boost the cost more than they should. They do have other items such as burritos, fajitas, tamales, nachos, and some grilled sandwiches.

Taco plate with cilantro lime rice and refried beans
Service was indifferent. Didn't see a manager around. They could use some more people to bus tables and wash dishes. Quite a bit of seating but not a lot a parking. On the positive side the outdoor enclosed patio would be inviting on a less chilly night. Televisions tuned to sports were scattered around but not turned up too loud.

All in all it was an okay experience but not a place I'll regularly visit unless I happen to be by the mall or have friends who want to go. Next time I will try the chips and white queso and/or guacamole.  As far as chains like this, I like Yucatan Taco Stand. The food quality is better.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop
3351 Turner Plaza Drive, Suite 100
Abilene, TX 79606
Ph: 325-701-9521

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