Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Trip to Cambridge, Mass.

I recently spent a week doing some professional development in Cambridge, Massachusetts, so I thought I would share my eating adventures with anyone who might be traveling there. Actually, I wasn't that brave as I tended to stick pretty close to my hotel (The Charles) since I was so pooped from class each day.

Legal Sea Food 

Dinner Saturday night and Tuesday night. I had high expectations since I was on the coast. The first dinner being Saturday night they were slammed so I just ate at the bar (full menu). Ordered clams strips and a cup of lobster bisque. The bisque was creamy, well-seasoned and the lobster meat was fresh. The fried clams were huge! It was an enjoyable meal and the bartender took good care of me but the price was steep ($40). A couple of nights later, I ate at the bar again though they were not as busy. I had the baked stuffed shrimp casserole and though it was tasty (how could something with that much butter not be?) it was also very expensive ($26). I would have liked more than 6 shrimp at that price. Service wasn't quite as attentive, though still okay. I guess I should have gone with some New England specialties like crab cakes or fresh lobster. As, it stands, I am just as happy with Pappadeaux seafood.

Henrietta's Table

Breakfast Sunday morning and lunch on Friday. They are known for serving very fresh and local ingredients. Breakfast was awesome, huge mushroom and cheese omelet with potatoes (with a seasoning I couldn't place but it reminded me of German potatoes) and an English muffin with real butter ($9 a bargain, no doubt).  It was the fluffiest omelet I have ever seen! Impeccable service. Lunch was a huge salad with smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, a small sprinkle of bleu cheese and greens ($15).  I also had some broccoli cheese soup ($6). There was a sweetness to the soup, maybe nutmeg? It was all delicious but the server was a grump.

Dinner Sunday evening. Fancy hamburger with provolone and prosciutto, served with homemade fries ($15). A little undercooked. I ordered medium-well and they were out of their regular buns so it was served on brioche. I meant to go back another time for a dessert, the menu looked very tempting, but never made it.

The Taco Truck
Supper Monday evening. Fast food. Two carnitas pork tacos with green salsa, cilantro and onions and a Jarritos mandarin soda ($8). Pretty tasty, much better than expected. I was impressed.

The Shake Shack 
Evening snack, Monday.  Strawberry milkshake ($5). Not any better than any other strawberry milkshake I've ever had...too expensive even at tourist prices.

Supper Wednesday evening. I had house-made gnocchi with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and lots of garlic (around $17).  It was a little mushy and bland, except for the garlic. The bruschetta ($9), however, was very tasty. Complimentary bread and olive oil. Loved the open to the street seating and the service was superior. Very close to the theater so it was quite busy, reservations are recommended. No cream sauce options though. Guess I needed to go into Boston to get some really hearty Italian food.

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