Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heff's Burgers & More--Best Hamburger in Abilene

Heff's Burgers started out as a grill in the back of a convenience store in Potosi, TX. They were very popular with the folks in the area. The owners decided to move into "town" and open up a store south of the mall. That place was packed all the time so they opened a location on S. 1st, which has since closed because they built a brand new building off of 351 (Albany highway) that is very cool with the 1950s soda shop theme, purple and teal decor and fancy drink dispenser.  They have also opened a restaurant in San Angelo, TX. Heff's is a true success story. I think Heff's may expand even more in the future.
The small 1/4 lb burger (kid/senior menu) with twister fries.
 The owner told me that they only use fresh hamburger meat delivered several times a week, never frozen. They make their own fries, either the regular kind or twister fries which are more like homemade potato chips.

The price for a regular 1/2 lb. burger combo (fries and drink) runs a little under $8 with tax but I promise you won't be hungry after you finish it.

The burger patty is made in-house and grilled to perfection, juicy but not greasy. I appreciate that the buns are always soft and the veggies are fresh. The burger is the only thing I have ever ordered but they also have steak fingers, a chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, a BLT, and even a salad. You can have one of two kinds of fries or onion rings as side dish options. The onion rings are handmade as well but tend to be a bit greasy. 

Service is always excellent but can be a slow if they are crowded but quality takes time. There is no-drive through. I heard that they build another location on the far south side of town. Since I live in the middle of the city, it is a bit of a drive to any of the locations since they closed the one on S.1st but they are worth the travel time.

Abilene Locations:

3374 Rebecca Ln. (325) 691-1930

2642 East Lake Dr.
(325) 437-3006
Find them on Facebook. 

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