Saturday, June 22, 2019

Updated--Closed. 5C Smokehouse in Clyde (TX) America--My new place for steak and a brisket-stuffed potato

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Update--They closed the restaurant at the end of July 2019 to concentrate only on catering. 

Some friends and I took the short drive over to Clyde to have a weekend dinner to a spot with some good buzz foodie grapevine around this area.

Steak bites
If you haven't been to 5-C Smokehouse yet* you are missing carnivore heaven. I was very impressed with the steak and enjoyed the brisket a lot as well. So many places, tend to over-season their meat but that is not the case at 5C. The steak had a nice char on it but was still juicy. It was just right for my taste. No steak sauce necessary. The menu is simple but covers all the basics.

Brisket stuffed potato
We started off with an order of steak bites ($5.99). This was simply a sirloin cut up in pieces and brought out in a bowl. We all wanted to try the steak before committing to ordering an entire one for an entree. All of us were impressed. In fact, if you do not want a big steak you can order the steak bites as your entree and add a side or two. The only drawback is that they are pre-cooked so there is not the option to get your preference as to "doneness". When we ordered ita as our appetizer, it came out medium but the ones that came out as an entree and then with a takeaway order at the end, the steak was more medium-well to well-done. If you prefer steak rare or medium-rare, go with the whole ribeye, sirloin, or filet (those are your options $24-$37). No size in ounces were given.

Slice brisket plate with house-made sausage and potato salad
Everyone at the table either ordered steak or brisket for their meal. I went with a brisket-stuffed baked potato, as the steak bites appetizer took the edge off my hunger for a full steak. The brisket was smokey and flavorful. Maybe a little dry but I prefer that to a lot of visible fat. The potato was soft. Perfectly baked. At $8.99, I was pleased. Also had a taste of the house-made sausage. Spicy with some cheese in it. Quite good.

No one ordered it but a specialty of the house is a huge pork chop called a Big Jake. We saw one that another person had ordered and it was indeed huge, at least 2 inches thick, and took up half the plate. Ribs and chicken are also on the menu.

For desert, we shared an apple dumpling ala mode. It was made up of two crescent rolls with apple topping and ice cream. Simple, but a pleasant end to the meal. The rolls were a on the small side. One more in the dish would have been nice.
Outdoor seating area

Everyone in the group was pleased with their food. Service was friendly. Our young server was very patient with our questions. If she did not know the answer, she would go find out. We choose to sit on the outside patio. Everyone was sitting out there. No one was inside. It was a mild night and there is netting around the parameter that helps keep most of the insects out. A place with a laid-back atmosphere where families, groups, and couples were all enjoying the evening. I know for certain, I will go again and bring more people.

Beer and wine are served.

5-C Smokehouse
205 S 1st St
Clyde, TX 79510

*Only open on Friday and Saturday evenings 5pm-9pm

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