Friday, September 19, 2014

CLOSED Sweet Meat Bar-B-Q

Sweet Meat Bar-B-Q (what a name) is one of two new entries in Abilene serving your barbecued meat favorites. The other is Stillwater Barbeque which is only open for lunch and on the opposite side of town from where I work so I haven't had time to try it.  Sweet Meat is located in the old Noodle House/Crystal's Pizza location on S. 1st.  Recently, I went there to celebrate a birthday with some friends.

For an appetizer we got the chicken-fried bacon with gravy. Lot of pepper in the breading and gravy and it was more like Canadian bacon than regular bacon. If it was regular bacon it would have been under-cooked. Flavor was good, if over peppered, but a bit expensive at $6.99.

I ordered my favorite thing to get at a BBQ place--a chopped brisket sandwich--served with homemade fries. I went with their regular sauce instead of the spicy one. At $8.99, I was expecting a generous-sized sandwich and what came out wasn't too terribly big. Average at best. The flavor the brisket was pretty good, sweet and smokey, but the meat was kind of dry and the sandwich wasn't hot, neither were the fries.

Picture from Sweet Meat's Facebook page--but this is how mine looked too.
Others at the table ordered the sliced brisket & sausage plate, the brisket/sausage sandwich, a hamburger, and a sliced brisket plate. Food being lukewarm was a problem on everything but the fried bacon. It was right out of the fryer.  Wait time on the food was too long and though the service was friendly, it needed some polish. Our split check had to be calculated and then recalculated twice.

With the long-standing barbecue places in town, I just don't know that this place will be able to stand up to the competition. I plan to give them another shot soon as they have some good lunch specials but if they can't get it to me nice and hot, I'll be headed back to my usual standbys for brisket.

2201 S. 1st St.
Abilene, TX 79605


  1. If you like Middle Eastern food, try Big Country Wraps on North First across the parking lot from the Westwood theatre. I'd love to hear your take on their food. I haven't tried Sweet Meat BBQ, but I've yet to hear anyone rave - most reviews and conversations are lukewarm at best.

  2. I wasn't sure that place was actually open.