Monday, September 22, 2014

Casa Herrera--An Abilene Institution

I have long lamented the lack of really top shelf Mexican or Tex-Mex food in Abilene. We have many adequate places and some have a few dishes that stand out but there isn't a place that I would tell the world was the best. Lots of people pick Casa Herrera as there favorite spot in Abilene to quell a quesadilla craving. It has been in its current location by the Mall of Abilene for many years and before that it was located in Burro Alley (we are talking about 25 years ago) on S. 1st so it truly is one of the longest lasting places in town. Casa Herrera is locally owned so I give them points for that because the other most popular Mexican food in town is a chain called Abuelo's.

Last Friday night was date night for me and the mister. We were craving some Mexican food so we decided to go to Casa Herrera as we hadn't had dinner there as a couple before. I ordered the deluxe nachos and he had a carne guisada (beef chunks in a flavorful gravy) plate that came with beans, rice and flour tortillas. The meal started with complimentary chips and hot sauce. The hot sauce is quite spicy and has the consistency of taco sauce rather than a chunky salsa, as if you mixed tomato sauce and Tabasco sauce together. The chips came unsalted and were reasonably fresh though they had an aftertaste that was a bit odd. My husband really enjoyed his carne guisada and I liked the nachos with the lettuce and tomato though the meat was under-spiced. The meals ran about $7-8 each...not overpriced for what you get though the portions were not huge. The food is much like your average taqueria but the surroundings are classier and the service is better. As you read other online reviews of the restaurant you will find that people tend to either love it or hate it.
Deluxe Nachos
Casa Herrera also serves a weekday and Sunday lunch buffet that people really seem to enjoy.  The lines are long to get in during those times and on Friday and Saturday nights. I have found the buffet to be rather hit or miss. Buffets just tend to be unimpressive in my book, everything gets soggy under the heat lamps.

Our server was very attentive and professional. We could tell that he had been working in the business for years and he was great at anticipating our needs. He asked if I needed jalapenos for my nachos before I had a chance to request them, kept our glasses topped off and promptly took away the dirty dishes. This fact alone helps to elevate Casa Herrera above a lot of the other Mexican restaurants in town.

4109 Ridgemont Dr, Abilene, TX 79606
(325) 692-7065


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