Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stillwater Barbeque

People have been raving about Stillwater Barbeque for a while. They used to be a food truck only. Now there is a permanent location, mainly open only for lunch though recently they added dinner hours on Friday and Saturday. I tried their brisket nachos at the local fair last month but there wasn't enough meat and it was covered up with an odd garlic sauce so I couldn't get a real sense of the flavor. 

I judge barbecue based on the brisket. Today I ordered a chopped sandwich. No sides, no chips, just the meat, bread and sauce I added with a few pickles. Cost was $7, better be dang good for that price. 

When I walked in there was a line at the counter. People were placing large orders. I was concerned that they would be out of brisket as it was almost 1:30pm and they close at 3pm or when they run out. Ambiance--think BBQ in Austin. That's the vibe they seem to be going for...odd to put hipster and smoked red meat together but it seems to be a thing.  I was tempted to get a sandwich plate that would have included two sides; brisket beans, potato salad, or brisket macaroni and cheese but it was $11. Sides cost $3 each or $6 for a large. No cole slaw but I could get a bag of Ruffles for $1. They also has some pecan pie/cobbler. The mac and cheese looked intriguing, I almost went for it especially since they had just brought out a new batch.

The brisket had a nice crust and a well-defined smoke ring. The guy gave the brisket a rough chop put it on a bun and slipped it on a piece of pink butcher paper. I got several apologies for the wait. Other meat options were beef ribs, pulled pork, pork spare ribs, and sausage (a couple of varieties). Sometimes they have turkey and chicken. Tell the first person your meat, the second your sides, then order your drinks and pay the third person. 
Chopped brisket sandwich
The brisket was peppery and smokey but for my taste the fat to meat ratio was too fatty. The meat was drier than expected with all the fat too. There were two sauces to choose from at the table. One was mustard-based, I assume because of the pork options.  The other was a sweet oily thin sauce. I liked the mustard one. To be honest I was expecting a mouthwatering experience and I just did not get one. Perhaps my I set my sights too high.

I need to have my husband try the ribs and I'll get some pulled pork and we can split a large brisket mac and cheese but at their prices we may have to save up for out next trip. The guy in front of me spent $60 for his family of four. Hopefully they had leftovers. 

3365 S 14th St (River Oaks shopping center in the old Quizno's)
Abilene, TX, 79605
(325) 518-5071


  1. From an real BBQ blogger.

  2. Congratulations on the great rating from Texas Monthly! I hope some people come to town to give y'all a try for themselves. It would be good for Abilene.

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