Friday, September 26, 2014

CLOSED Big Country Wraps--Middle Eastern food on a budget and vegans rejoice!

Big Country Wraps is the newest entry for Middle Eastern food in Abilene. The seating area is fairly small so you may want to get your's as take-out. I like that it is close to my house. When you live in the northwest part of town, dining choices in the area are primarily fast food chains. It is refreshing to have another choice.

Menu board
Falafel pita with desi fries.

I had heard about Big Country wraps from a friend so I talked the hubby into trying it for dinner. He ordered the beef shawarma pita and I had the falafel wrap. We both added fries and drink for $3.00 extra. The fries are seasoned with a "desi" spice that my husband loved. I wish the fries had been hot when they came out but we did get two extra falafels for free on the side because they forgot my husband's fries and put them on the plate instead. The fries were brought out after we pointed out the mistake. He enjoyed his wrap a lot and said the flavor was good. My falafel wrap was tasty but could have used one more falafel on the pita. It came with two of them, lettuce, onion and pickle.

There are several vegetarian/vegan options which can be difficult to find in restaurants in Abilene. The falafel, pakora, and somosas (I believe) are made without animal products. There is also hummus served with pita bread and the fries as well.

Service was attentive and friendly. They were very patient answering any questions we had about the food. The place was nice and clean. There were only two people working (the owners--brothers I believe) and several folks in the restaurant so it took a while for the food to come out but we were not in a hurry. Our neighbors had the chicken bowl dish and it looked very tempting. Prices were reasonable.
Pistacho baklava--yum!

Now my favorite part--pistachio baklava! I'm not a fan of walnuts but have made exception in the past for regular baklava but now that I can get it with pistachios, I won't go back to walnuts.

We will return to try some other items and we heard they deliver too!

3514 N 1st St, Abilene, TX 79603
(325) 701-9997

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