Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Buddys Drive In--Andrews, TX

My husband grew up in Andrew's, TX. When it comes to fond food memories from his younger years, he has two (not counting home cooking)--Buddy's and Taco Villa. Every time we have visited Andrews we have eaten at one or the other...often both.

Buddy's Drive In is an institution in Andrews that is regionally famous for their steak fingers. For the uninitiated that is tenderized round steak cut into strips, battered and deep fried. Little mini chicken-fried steaks if you will. The meal is a pile of steak fingers, french fries, a "salad" of iceberg lettuce, Texas toast and gravy. The also have the usual burgers and such, even breakfast, but I've never had anything other than the steak fingers. They are tender and the batter is nice and crispy. Some people may think they have too much batter, not me.
Steak fingers galore!
You can dine-in or have a car hop come out to your vehicle if there is an empty spot under the awning for drive-up customers. It takes a while sometimes to cook the food so we just go in and grab a table (when one is available). It is not a fancy place. In fact, you may feel like you have stepped back in time to when they opened in 1969. That's okay with me but isn't for everyone. Smoking is allowed in the building during certain times of day.

Remember that Andrews is oil country and hard-working folks want to be fed. It takes quite an appetite to finish a full order. The gravy didn't taste homemade but as far as I'm concerned that is fine. I'd rather have it recently cooked (a mix is quicker and less greasy). The ranch dressing seemed to be made in-house though. It had a garlicy kick to fancy up that ordinary lettuce on the side of your plate. I like it for dipping my fries.

If you find yourself passing through and want some chicken-fried happiness, Buddy's is for you.
106 E Broadway St, Andrews, TX 79714-6505

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