Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trent "Country Club"--Tasty steaks on the weekends if you don't get lost

I wasn't certain I wanted to write a review of the Trent "Country Club". It crossed my mind to keep it to myself as a hidden gem...mouth-watering grilled steaks, ribs, catfish and shrimp out in the boonies down a dirt road between the towns of Trent and Merkel, Texas (west of Abilene). In the end, it is better to share knowledge. If you look them up on your GPS you may not get there anyway. It was smart that I went with someone who had been there before my first go around because it would have been a challenge otherwise, particularly in the dark. Knowledge of this local favorite is almost all word of mouth. The Abilene paper did a story on Trent Country Club a few years back so you will find an item or two on the internet but most people I've mentioned it to have never heard of the place.
I'm told the lights are up year around.

Tank and Moo with red beans and boiled yellow squash.

First, it isn't really a country club. The name is firmly tongue-in-cheek. There is no golf course or swimming pool. What is at the location is a small restaurant with a caliche parking lot that is open on Friday and Saturday evenings between 5:30pm-9pm and it is filled with local folks. I recommend calling ahead before making the road trip unless you just happen to find yourself on Interstate 20 in the vicinity of Trent around dinner time on the weekend.

Gray dot in the middle is the location.
 I went there with three friends and we all ordered the "Tank & Moo" which was catfish (fried or grilled) and a nice sized NY strip served with two sides. My steak was perfectly cooked and well-flavored. No A-1 needed. The server told me the owner has his own secret marinade/seasoning. The steak was tender and weighed in at about 10-12 oz. At $23.00 for the meal, it was also reasonably priced. The catfish was alright but I like mine extra crispy. The side dishes were homemade. I had red beans and boiled squash but you could go for potatoes or a salad as well as several other options, including a seasonal one such as black-eyed peas (check the chalkboard inside).

Chocolate pie.

Beverages served are tea, soft drinks, or water. You are allowed to bring your own adult beverages if you so choose. However, if you want to have a birthday cake, there is a $15 set-up fee. After dinner we were too full but the desserts on the menu and the chalkboard were to tempting not to try. The chocolate pie was piled high with meringue, just like grandma used to make. There was also two kinds of cobbler and bread pudding, all for only $3.00 each.

I'll be returning and will go for the filet. I'm sure my husband will want the 16 oz ribeye that is the specialty of the house. See you there (if you can find it)!

Trent Country Club
1573 County Road 365
Trent, TX
(325) 862-0400
No website

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