Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Perini Ranch Steakhouse--A "Texas" Eating Experience

Front of the restaurant
There was a time the you go to Perini's and get a table without a reservation. A friend told me it was the kind of place one could meet for a clandestine meal. Those days are long past. The notoriety of serving various U.S. Presidents and being named the best mail order gift of 1995 by the New York Times has made them a "destination" restaurant. People fly and drive to Abilene to eat at there. It is good, very good.

The atmosphere of the remodeled ranch house really makes the experience but unlike the old days they now have air conditioning. There was a time when the restaurant did not and they would have the windows open to let a stray breeze come in. There is also outdoor seating. Don't be surprised if you see local wild life and other animals (last time we saw a raccoon and a cat both eating peacefully outside under a buckboard wagon). Deer are also a common sight.

Located just outside of Buffalo Gap, Texas, about 15 miles from Abilene, the drive to out there to eat is pleasant. Buffalo Gap has many old oak trees.

I have eaten at Perini Ranch Steakhouse many, many times over the years and they consistently deliver a superior steak. The green chili hominy is my favorite side dish. You cannot go wrong with the ribs or bacon-wrapped jalapeno bites for a starter. I am partial to the jalapenos because, well, bacon and cream cheese. They also have quail legs as a starter.

Peppered strip steak with hominy
Perini's serves a prime rib, filet, two sizes of ribeye, a peppered strip, and a good-sized hamburger steak. For those who want something other than beef you can get grilled or fried catfish, fried shrimp, or a grilled chicken breast. I have had the fried shrimp and the catfish. Both have a kick to them and since the grilled catfish is labeled Cajun, I assume it does as well. Dinners are served with a house salad and one side dish. Sides are cowboy potatoes (skins left on), green chili hominy, zucchini Perini which has an Italian meat sauce on top, green beans, and a seasonal vegetable. There is also a chopped bleu cheese salad option if you are not thrilled about a regular house salad.
"Dusted" shrimp and green chili hominy

Many dishes, even desserts such as the jalapeno cheesecake, have a component that could be called spicy. Meals are served with a halved grilled jalapeno in case you want even more heat. This could be off putting for some people. Just ask the server for recommendations if you don't want something with jalapenos, green chili, etc...

There is no need for any type of steak sauce on a Perini steak. The flavor is heavy with mesquite smoke and seasonings. Prices generally range around $30 or more for the steaks.

My recommendation for the perfect meal there is jalapeno bites as an appetizer, a ribeye or filet (depending on how "fatty" you like your steak), a salad with ranch dressing, the hominy, and bread pudding with whiskey sauce as dessert. Don't forget the homemade sourdough bread with seasoned butter too.

At lunch, I recommend the Ranch burger. It is delicious.They also have other lunch-time sandwich options.

You know you want to go. Make a reservation today.

Phone: 325-572-3339
Website: https://store.periniranch.com/steakhouse/  (online reservations available)
Tuesday - Thursday, 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday - Sunday, 11:00am - 10:00pm

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