Friday, July 14, 2017

Milk and Honey Bakery, Venue, and Bistro

Entry way
Milk & Honey is a specialty bakery inside what was once a private home so it is easy to drive right past them and not realize they are in business. They do not have a vast array of baked goods to just drop by and pick up but they did have french macaroons in various flavors ($2 each), two types of cake balls, slices of red velvet cake and apple tarts for individual sale in their cases. Two ready-made cakes were also available for purchase.
Bakery case

A friend and I visited them for the mid-day meal recently. They serve light lunches and a brunch on Saturday. The dining area is very small, about 20 seats. The service is run with only two people as far as I could tell, so it is not a quick place to grab a bite. They have a limited menu and the prices are on the high is to be expected for a "ladies who lunch" type of establishment.

Spinach and cheese quiche
I had a spinach and cheese quiche and some bacon cheddar croquettes as an appetizer. The spinach in the quiche tasted a bit gritty as though it had been put the egg mixture raw instead of sauteed. The cheese in the quiche was high quality but the portion at $5.75 was small and not served with any type of side unless you get the meal option that included a drink and side but increased the price even more. It had a rubbery consistency rather than being creamy.
Bacon cheddar croquettes

The bacon in the croquettes was thick cut and could have been a bit more cooked but the cheese in them was excellent. I am not sure if it was the spinach or the bacon but it is sad to say that the meal did not sit well on my stomach afterward.
Smoked bacon chicken sandwich

My companion enjoyed her smoked bacon chicken sandwich ($7.50) and mentioned that it had a nice flavor and was not dry. On the brunch menu, they serve gourmet toast (such as avocado salmon), crepes, quiche, oatmeal, or French toast made with brioche bread. Drink options were water, various teas, lemonades, and coffee.

The best part of my meal was the slice of red velvet cake I ordered for dessert. It was delicious! I dove into it so fast that there is no picture to tell the tale. It had an apple spice flavor more than a cocoa note in the cake itself which was different. Perhaps they use applesauce to keep the cake moist? The cream cheese/buttercream icing was perfect. At $3.50 for a slice it was well worth the price.

Stick to the desserts at Milk and Honey. The wedding cakes they had on their website looked beautiful.

325-701-7316 / 325-513-2683
480 E. Ambler Ave Abilene, TX

Lunch menu
Lunch menu

Brunch menu
Brunch menu

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